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Complete guide to getting MAD SKILLS in Change Management


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Acquisition Of A Change Management Certification

Getting a hold of a change management certification is an essential step especially for individuals who are eyeing to get a position in our company which basically focuses on manufacturing change management software applications. Our company also caters to other organizations that purchase our software programs and submit change requests.

There is a specific process that individuals who want to be part of our company must undergo to.


Available Resources For Change Management Certification Program

I always advise individuals who plan to be part of this company to look into several resources that can be utilized to learn more about change management. The applicants can read some articles and journals. They can also attend procedural documentations and conferences for added information. Some of my business partners who often conduct the interviews recommend textbooks as well as a reading list. These applicants can personally assess themselves so that they can improve the areas where they do not perform so well.


Prosci Change Management Certification Examinations

It is an essential organizational rule that our applicants pass an examination. I have learned from some of the newly hired team members that exams are oftentimes multiple-choice. Although the exam is multiple-choice, it ensures that the examinees are assessed the best way.

According to statistics, about half of the total number of examinees often gets certified. This ensures that the passers will be able to perform the required activities and responsibilities.


Change Management Certification Online Handbook

There are several strategies that our employees have executed to ensure that they will pass the examination. One of the best ways, according to most people whom I have talked to is to get a certification online. It works just like an actual examination. The examinee simply needs to select the correct letter of the answer for the question. The only hard thing about this exam is that a question is timed and once the examinee has answered, she cannot go back to the question.


The Importance Of Organizational Change Management Certification

The organization’s consultant mentioned that there are several benefits both for the organization as a whole and the person with a certification. The best thing about having a certified change management team member is the exposure. Although most of these individuals have chosen a specialization, I have also found out that they can function in different areas.

One good thing about the newly-certified individuals is the fact that these people know the latest and the best practices about software applications for change management. These certified individuals will surely help the organization into moving forward.


Does Self Study Work For Management Of Change Certification?

There are times when the business partners and I opt to hire some fresh graduates who have not taken an examination for certification. One strategy that these employees are concerned about is whether they can pass the exam by studying on their own. The business partners and I basically advise them to study using the free resources and books that they have obtained. The employees are also advised to join refresher courses if they are not confident enough.

Requesting for a Change Management Software Application

A change management software application oftentimes undergoes different phases before a manufacturing company releases it to the market. The stages included in the preparation procedure are design creation, software development, software assessment and software implementation.

The consultant of our organization told the business partners and me that most of these software applications are never fully finished. The main reason behind this is the fact that several software customers and users still plan to apply some changes on the program.

Open Source Change Management Software Initiation

The consultant mentioned that there are several principles of the need to for the business partners and me to want some changes on the software application. Once decided, the partners and I as clients must submit a request for change. The owner of the software oftentimes has a change manager or team who will do an assessment on the change request.

The manager or the team asks a few questions involving the number of resources needed to make the change and the effort needed to complete the change. The team will also request a meeting with the management change team manager or us to discuss the project. Once the project is approved, the team will now start working on the request.


IT Change Management Software Request

The software management change team often uses system tools to track changes. The business partners and I were informed that this specific action is performed before the team works on our request. This is also done in order to find out if the change request is probable or not. A contingency plan must always be prepared once the original one does not work.

The team is also expected to communicate with us all throughout the change procedure.

Testing the Requested Software Change Management Process

The team must first test the change before implementation. The developers are the only people who have direct access to the system tools utilized for the change. A quality control group tests the change request.

The team meets up with the organization’s change team once the test is proven successful. If the change team thinks that the request is correct, the software application team now heads to software production.


Types of Software Change Management Tools

The change control management team also presented two other software applications in case the business partners and I wanted to replace the old software program with a new one instead of submitting request for change.


Borland Star Team

Borland Star Team is available in Enterprise and Enterprise Advantage versions. The main work of this database application for change management is the fact that members of our organization can communicate wherever we may be. It is equipped with a central storage area for our organization’s digital assets. Another good thing about this application is that it can track defects.


Seapine CM

Another strategic software application that the business partners, the change management team and I were interested in is the software change and configuration management (SCCM) application. This specific application tracks feature and change requests and defects. It can also activate email notifications.

A Helpful Software Change Management Application

A software change management application has been highly recommended by our business consultant. This application will be very helpful since management change cannot be easily performed especially on our own. Therefore, the business partners and I opted to purchase a software program that is going to help our company as a whole as well as our employees.

The consultant mentioned that there are several things that a change management system can do for the company and the employees.


Management Of Change Software For Company Procedures

The first thing that the consultant mentioned to the business partners and me is the fact the software application can establish procedures from the company head to the different department heads. It also ensures that the facilities are considered high quality and safe.

The consultant also told us the change management software program helps in meeting company goals as well as the industry rules. The program also ensures that human error issues are prevented.


Change Management Software Open Source For Prevention Of Communication Breakdown

A good thing about this software program is that it helps avoidance of communication breakdowns. It ensures that the most important company policy is rightfully applied. The consultant mentioned that a change program is essential for a big company like ours.

The software application ensures that all the departments of the company so that they can stay connected. This also makes sure that the tasks will be rightly and completely done.

Free Change Management Software For Automatic Task Assignment

The best thing that the business partner and I loved about this specific software program is how it affects the daily activities of the company. This application makes sure that the process flow of the company is not agitated. The company tasks that the software application do include automatic task assignment, notice and warning, intensification of incomplete tasks, course-plotting and scheduling.

The software program for change management can also help the business especially in the presence of new tasks. All the employees will be directly and immediately notified. This guarantees that the right individuals will be guided to the precise steps for the task to be accurately executed.


Comparisons Of Software Change And Configuration Management Applications

The consultants of our business said that there are some essential things that must be considered when getting a change management program for the company.

There are three specific things that the business partners and I agreed on.


Management Of Problem

A software application for change management should be able to help the company project. This application is also referred to as the Help Desk which reports the problems.


Management Of Configuration

Having a change management software program that can ease trouble shooting is one of the strategies that the business partners and I looked into.


Management Of Quality Assurance And Change

The consultant mentioned that quality assurance is the main process of change management. This tracks the changes in the activities of the company. In the presence of changes, the software application informs the company of the different interactions that could result to problems.

Change Management Plan Steps

A change management plan for our organization has been recommended by a change management consultant. Change management tools and processes are needed for the plan to be successfully completed.

The consultant mentioned that the benefits of this specific project plan are very important in helping employees move from their current positions to their new roles. The employees will not be confused with the newest job responsibilities. The employees will also be prepared to work right after the implementation of the management change plan.

The consultant advised the business partners and me to undergo five important steps before implementing the change plan.

Appointment Of An Organizational Change Management Plan Team

The consultant mentioned that the first step is to appoint individuals on the change management team. He said that the business partners and I can select people from our organization or outsiders who know the process and the importance of change management. The people in the team must also be familiar with the different areas of our organization.

The whole team is responsible not only for the changes but also the issues that will occur once the change has been completed. The team will also determine whether or not the transition has been successful.


Analysis Of The Change Management Plan Example

The consultant told the business partners and me that the second step is to analyze the planned change. The partners and I must look into the approaches that should be endured to go from the current structure to the planned structure of the organization. The consultant also mentioned that more often than not, there are several steps that must be implemented before the planned change can be successfully completed.


Change Management Plan Template: Timeline And Comprehensive Plan

The third step that was recommended by the consultant is to come up with a communication plan and a timeline of essential management changes.

The business partners and I must decide on the process of notifying the organization’s employees of the planned changes. Proper communication is important so that employees are completely aware of the change as well as they can adjust to the management changes.

The partners and I also determined both large and small details that come with the changes. A checklist was created. It included meetings with the heads, the new office layout design and installation, meeting with the employees and weekly conferences to follow up on the changes.


Organizational Change Management Plan Template: Information Report

Problems and other concerns will surely arise once the project is fully implemented. Some of these are confusion and dissatisfaction of employees as well as disturbing the daily work flows and processes.

The consultant mentioned that our management change team must come up with a contingency plan once the original plan does not work accordingly. The team must also be able to explain and defend the suggested changes. The team must also be willing to do some revisions with the management plans.


Management Change Of Procedure Discussion

Once the plan has been approved and the team has been given a go signal, the partners and I can now head to implementation. The consultant advised that we inform the departments involved beforehand for the change to be successful.

Finding Change Management Template

A change management template can be very useful especially when the business partners and I want the change management plans to be immediately implemented. The consultant advised that we engage in this procedure instead of taking some time and put in a lot of effort to make our own template. Hiring a designer is also not an option since the company is in a bit of pressure and is in a budget.

The Change Management Process Template

A personal choice was to consult my father about the choices that the partners and I are making. I have learned from him that there are three important things that we should keep in mind. The templates must be well-planned. The father also advised that I should properly organize the resources needed for successful implementation.


Change Management Form Template Saves Time, Money And Effort

The moment that the consultant mentioned that the business partners and I must go for management and change templates is the same moment that I opted to research about such stuff. Truth is I don’t know a thing about change management templates and software applications that can help the company and the business.

There are several benefits that the procedures of using templates. First of all, the templates save both time and effort. The main reason behind this is the fact that the business partners and I do not have to personally make the design for our change management plans. We simply don’t have to start the design from scratch. Another benefit is that the savings can be increased because the partners and I do not have to hire someone to come up with the design for us.


Itil Change Management Template Samples

The business partners and I decided to create a checklist of the different designs that we prefer for our new template for change management. The business consultant provided us with samples that we can choose from. The choices range from phase review form to feasibility study to business cases.

Most of the business partners asked why a template is essential. The business consultant told us that change management templates has been utilized in several industries such as real estate, health care, marketing, information technology, education, retail and of course, child care.


The Secret For Change Management Policy Template

The consultants of our business mentioned that there is one secret for the business partner and I should undergo to make our change management plans successful. According to the consultant, more and more companies, both large and small are doing well because the business owners understand the importance of planning.

The best practices include seeking out the best among the several templates for change management. One of our consultants mentioned that there are templates that can be found in several computer programs such as Excel, Powerpoint and Project Visio.

The business consultant basically advised that there are several templates for change management that are available in the market especially in the internet today. The partners and I can simply browse the internet and find the perfect template provider for change management plans.

Tips In Choosing The Right Change Management Consulting Firm

I have always felt that change management consulting companies are only talking bull when they say that our team will be getting what we want based on what they feel about change. When it comes to the commitment on getting us the return of investment, I don’t trust these feelings. I want to get results, and I want them to play the numbers game with me. But how are leaders going to determine that they are indeed getting their money’s worth on these consulting firms? Here are factors that you should look into if you are thinking that you need help in changing your organization’s game plan.


It is very important that change management consulting firms that you think of hiring have enough experience in order for you to feel confident that they will be able to aid you in launching your project of policy change in your organization’s system. They should be able to present a portfolio that will show you examples of different change and configuration management scenarios that they have handles, along with examples of the biggest business failures that they have successfully turned around.

Know The Solutions You Want

Face it – the fact that you are looking for people who would do change management consulting jobs for your organization or company is because you think there are skills that are amiss and process steps that you need revised to get the turnout that you need. When consulting change management strategies, make sure that you have done enough research in order for you to accurately present them your scenario. A case study would help, so would your own list of measures that you think would work out better. Envision the right process model and think of possible methodologies in order for you to get the best workable results. This way, you will be able to see your target and know your involvement and timeline for your change management plan.

The Right Approach

Different organizations require different approaches, and it is important that they present you an example that is workable in your line of business and with the management setting that you currently have. While you want to these consultants provide you with a good management plan way ahead of the deadline that you set, it is important that they ask you questions, because that means they are looking for the best way to make all the strategies that they have up their sleeves work with the pieces. Remember that every business process is unique, and if they start jumping in and telling you a lot of things that they think you should do, I think they are all doing things according to guesswork.

Aimed Success Rate

Any organizational change management consulting company will show you how much they think the change management plan put up will land a hit and be effective. Tell you what, they should aim for 98% or higher success rate. If they tell you that they can do less than that, maybe you should find another specialist.

What’s In A Change Management Plan Template?

According to Wiki, change management is a way to shift people from one state to a better one, and that’s what a change management plan template should present, at least in a nutshell. So, if you are a consultant, should you make a one-size-fits-all template for your client. Nope. That never works. Remember that all every business processes are different, and as a specialist, you should treat them as such. Now, if you are looking into getting a career in change management, better start learning about what’s in a template should you present, based on what the client wants you to do.

Change Management Communication Plan Template

This is pretty much a standard in change management – if a business wants to change the way it plays its games, it should be able to device strategies in how the shift to telling its audience about the changes. If you are dealing with a shoe brand, for example, your template should tell how the company is going to buyers that the brand is making certain innovations to improve their service. At the same time, you should also be able to develop steps in which everyone in the operations about the changes. Make a communication template in which it does not only inform that, yep, something’s going to change. The plan is also change the way people behaves towards the product.

Project Change Management Plan Template

People who work on something would often find that the existing approaches on how it can be done are not that effective, or there must be a better way for them to do it. That is what a project change management plan is for. Now, what your template would show is how things can be changed, while minimizing the risk that goals will not be met.

IT Change Management Plan Template

With change on the works regarding the current game plan, is your client going to need to add something to their existing IT system? If so, is that going to mean hiring another IT specialist, or would they need to have additional software or hardware? These are some of the things that the client would need to see on your template for their IT Change Management Plan.

Additional Help

If you need any help in looking for something that would help you learn what your templates should contain, it is advisable to look for existing project plans and their change management templates. You can look at a previous case study and look at what they did to improve the success of their systems. Take the time to attend seminars and ask speakers about specifics of a certain enterprise’s processes and jot down ideas. In any case you need additional references, you can download and compare those nifty change management plan template free from a lot of management sites online. Oftentimes, these templates will give you fresh insights for a management plan, or at least fill the blanks inside your head. But I would suggest that you use your own project template when presenting to your client.

Introducing Change Management System

There will definitely be that time when you have to introduce a change management system to employees. More often than not, that change is going to be met with mixed emotions. Some will wonder if they are going to lose their jobs because of enhanced technology. Some may love it. Some will question if it is going to work for a long time, because they are tired of changing log in profiles or migrate files.

Dealing With System Change Management

There are many times when I see the fear of operation leaders in organizations when I say “Okay, here’s the thing. It looks like be it would effective to do an IT upgrade on the floor.” It is as if something inside them dies. I understand the apprehension, since there are many corporations that resort to manual creation of database. I’ve seen organizations that are a bit unorganized when it comes to organizing their documents. I assure them that there are basic things why they need to have that system change. First, is that it will get everything documented and everyone will have access to files that they normally have difficulty finding. Second is, hardware and software gets outdated, and they should get strategic upgrades in order for them to do everything faster. Put it as simple as that.

Filling In The Job Description

Doing the job of documenting, organizing, monitoring, and migrating takes a lot of time, and it is a complex task that entails a lot of patience, since you are dealing with an entire IT system. So how are you going to do it in order for you to not ruin anything? Simple. You must have change management system software that can take care half of the job for you.

What Software: Change Management System Tools

As I mentioned, having efficient software may provide multiple solutions to an organization’s multiple IT problems. Examples of these solutions are the problem of hardware monitoring and filtering, as well change of access requests. These tools for an easier life, when used appropriately, can drastically reduce labor hours, and would entail a lot of savings for the organization, which proves to be a necessary investment.

If a business owner worries about the costs, these management tools can be sourced for free, thanks to the change management system open source products that can make everyone’s lives easier.

The Management And Change Team’s Roles

What do consultants like you and I do? We ensure that we eliminate employee’s behavioral resistance to changes, by ensuring them that life is going to be easy, and this change is going to work. When planning strategic approaches to improving the IT system, we inform everyone involved the honest scenario, which is the possibility that there may be some work setback in a few days, but once everyone cooperates and will take the time to adapt to the new system, everyone will enjoy easier work. By making everyone cooperate, we lose that unwanted apprehension by making them see the benefits.

Getting Into Change Management Jobs

The good thing for those that finished their Master’s in Behavioral Sciences is that there are a lot of change management jobs out there for them. Or if you are thinking about a career shift and you want to try out something exciting, corporate, and full or analytical activities, you might want to consider trying out jobs like these.

How To Become A Consultant

Most of the time, people who graduate from computer science or management gets into this line of work. They get double majors to learn how to incorporate knowledge of IT to different business contexts or go to workshops that teaches strategies for some basic personnel management. However, those who did not pursue such courses can still become a consultant by getting as much experience as they can in the industry that they belong to. Those who become great at identifying processes that should be improved and how to improve them get their experience at change management consultant jobs as team leaders or project managers.

What Is The Competition Like?

Here is what it looks like – there are many multi-million companies who invest in human capital that will provide business solutions to, well, other companies. The competition in getting jobs in change management pretty much cutthroat, I tell you. It is best to always gain experience and if you are currently employed, do your best to go to seminars and trainings that will provide you the opportunity to get into a Six Sigma certification program. The more trainings and projects that you do, the higher you go up in this certification; thus, improving the chances that you will get hired as a consultant.

Going Into The Organization

What is an organizational change, anyway? We refer to it as that approach in which an organization must undergo in order for it to ensure a smooth run and be successful – a specialist that an enterprise or organization will tap in order for them to provide insights or approaches to ensure that they will enjoy the lasting benefits of such changes. In order for a plan to maximize its impact, organizational change management jobs exist to take care of four things:

  1. Goals, strategies, and their levels
  2. Sequence of steps for the plan
  3. Measurement system for the impact and efficiency
  4. Implementation

The World Of Change Management Is Wide

If you think that it may be too late for you to enter the field of change management, you may be surprised to know that there are many opportunities to people who are in the analytical side of their field who get into the management change business. Those who are into the field of supplies procurement can get into supply change management jobs without them knowing it.

Remember that being a strategic change specialist is not restricted into just one form, which is being a consultant. Getting the know-how in the way businesses work and developing constant ideas on how to make work easier and more organized to make way for increased efficiency is your job description.

7 Change Management Best Practices

Earlier this year, a good friend since childhood days booked a consultation schedule with me primarily because he wants to get information about change management best practices. He believes that it is time for the business to undergo changes because he technically considers that change is good for the company this year.

As a professional and an expert on change management, the best friend decided to consult with me first about the principles of management of change. Truth is he travelled two hours and came all the way to my office just to ask if he was making the right choice.

I decided not to waste my friend’s travel time and effort so I frankly told him that change management is good for the company especially when the best practices are followed. These practices are helpful in ensuring a smooth transition from the old to the new management.

There are seven practices that I have advised to the best friend who is into change control management.


Best Practices in Change Management: Disseminate Information

The first practice is to disseminate information about the change to all levels in the company: leadership and employees. The CEO, supervisor and employees have the right to know about the changes. The main reason behind this is the fact that they will all be affected by the implementation. The best method to inform the employees is through the supervisors because it becomes easier to respond when the news is delivered by the upper management.


Benefits Are Important

The second practice is to ensure through a communication plan that the change management will be beneficial not only to the company goals but also to its employees. It is always better to let the employees know about how the changes will directly affect them.


Itil Change Management Best Practices: Lessen the Pressure

The head of the organization must also lessen the pressure. I told my friend that it usually takes a little time before the employees become fully adjusted to the changes. This is because not all employees are the same. Some can accept the change right away but others might need more time. It is also advisable to have an open forum.


Right Timing for Desirable Change

I also advised my friend to apply the change templates at the right time. I recommended that he set up a group of people who can conduct a case study of change management to know about the proper timing.


Software Change Management Best Practices: Changes throughout the Company

Another practice is to let everyone know and understand the management of change software program so that it will be easier to adapt to the changes. This action also ensures that employees can adjust quickly.


Consultant from within the Company

Although there are several change management consultants in the industry today, I advised him to form a team that can focus and study on the application of change management.


IT Change Management Best Practices: Monitor the Change

The final practice is to monitor how effective the change is. The team can start monitoring right after the change has been implemented.

Some Faq Answered About Itil Change Management Process

Let’s face it – when going to some leadership conferences bosses want us to attend, we often hear a lot of jargons such as ITIL Change Management Process, ITSM, and a whole lot more. The term IT may already sound alien to many of us, and when it comes to performing our jobs, we do not want such terms to cause blunder when we are asked to do our reports. Now, if you are aiming to be your company’s trained management and change consultant, you wouldn’t want to be in the dark when you have to put some input into policies and approaches that need to be modified. Here are some common questions about ITIL Change Management that I will answer.

What’s ITIL Anyway?

Information Technology Infrastructure Library is related to IT service management (ITSM). ITIL is defined as that set of practices done for (ITSM) that aims to focus an organization’s IT services to be aligned to the needs of the business. This library of sorts describes tasks, processes, things-to-do, and procedures that are not necessarily specific to an organization. However, this is used to provide some sort of baseline on which any business can plan, measure, and implement. Basically, it is a standard of good practices in making use of anything IT-related to users. And since it is a standard, certificates are issued to businesses that pass the ITIL standards.

What Are Some Examples Of These Good Practices?

If you look at some companies’ websites, they provide some sort of index of topics that you might need to read about in order for you to get to know more about their services. That is an example. Another example is Knowledge Base sites we go to in our company’s network whenever we need to know about our work process. Essentially, any tool that a company or business provides us to help us is a good practice that makes strategic use of IT.


What Is The ITIL Change Management?

This refers to anything we control or modify in anything related to IT. Now, it is such a big deal because changing it must give benefits such as reduced work, less cost, better productivity for workers, and increased customer satisfaction. The ITIL change management process flow should always cater to these considerations, and at the same time, work at minimizing risks in the use of any IT product. I suggest that you download an ITIL change management process flow diagram so you can see how the process goes from Request for Change onwards.


What Is The ITIL V3?

This refers to the 2007 version of ITIL. So what’s new with the ITIL v3 change management process? This version differs from the other ITIL versions by including (if not emphasizing) on the entire service management lifecycle in the ITIL v3 change management process flow, rather than purely talking about best practices that should be in an organization’s IT service. This library is inclusive of five volumes:

  1. Service Strategy
  2. Service Design
  3. Service Transition
  4. Service Operation
  5. Continual Service Improvement

Change Management Methodology For Company Growth

A change management methodology is oftentimes written to be presented to the upper management. The CEO assigned me as leader of the team that was primarily formed to research about change management. The whole organization especially the management believes that this is the right year to implement changes in the company.

A methodology for change management is an essential tool in summarizing the study that the whole team and I have carried out for the past few months. The mere fact that this is the first time that I am heading a whole team is already overwhelming but the reality that I got assigned to work on something that puts the whole organization in test is rather challenging and a bit scary.

Communication with a professional and an expert on change management made things easier for me and the team. The person whom I have talked to mentioned that the best action that I can accomplish is to come up with the best methodology for the organization’s change management goal.

The expert gave me four essential tips that must be applied on the team’s change request management methodology.


Organizational Change Management Methodology For The Future

The first tip is that I should be aware of both the theories and the processes of change management. According to the professional, these can be very helpful in crafting the framework of the team project. The knowledge developed can also aid in identifying the steps that are essential for the line of attack. The best thing is that the team members and I are able to set a schedule or a time frame to get a hold of the requirements.


Management of Change Procedure for Update Simplification

The second tip is to come up with a change management plan that is easy to update. The expert recommended that the processes should be kept in one folder so that it would be effortless to add some changes. Truth is with the latest advancements in technology I believe that the team members and I will not be experiencing any difficulty updating the procedures. This also means that the change will be easy to implement.


Prosci Change Management Methodology For Better Employee Understanding

There benefits of that can be derived from being assigned as a team leader and coming up with a well-thought of methodology. First of all, I have the freedom to plan how to disseminate the information about change not only to the upper management but also to the employees of the company. Second, I am also in charge along with other individuals to verify and monitor the effects of the changes.


Software Change And Configuration Management Procedure For Company Growth

The final tip and I can say the most challenging is to ensure company growth. It is a given fact that the main reason why the bosses became interested in change management is because the company has to undergo high-level processes due to growth issues. The team members and I have to find effective ways to be able to achieve our goal.

5 Factors In Selecting Change Management Consultants

The increasing number of change management consultants who work for different industries makes it harder for company owners like me to select which one should be hired. The business partners have been very curious ever since I have told them that we need to hire a consultant since we have agreed to apply some changes into the company.

I decided to inform the partners of the 3Ds. These are the reasons why I wanted to hire a professional consultant for management of change. The first reason is diagnosis. The consultant can help us identify the problem as well as recommend the best solution. The second reason is development. The consultant for change management can aid us in company development through imparting knowledge and training. The third reason is delivery. The business consultant for change management can suggest a beneficial solution that is needed by the business.

The partners have agreed to my idea of consulting from an expert on change management. But before we seek out the right change management consultant for the company, the partners and I have to consider some important factors.

Company And Change And Configuration Management Consultants

The first factor before the partners and I started looking for a consultant who can craft a plan template for the company is our recent experiences with different types of consultants. I honestly think that the partners have been traumatized with the last consultant that we hired which resulted to them being hesitant with my suggestion at first. Truth is, the past experiences have a big impact on our decision to work with another one.


Company Objective

The second factor for the strategy is the objective of the company for hiring a consultant. This factor is oftentimes dependent on the 3Ds or the three reasons. The partners and I must be able to make an informed decision on which one among diagnosis, development and delivery will be focused on by the consultant.


Size Of The Company

The third factor is the company’s size. This factor is usually linked to the amount of money that will be spent on the change management software program and the consultant. The bigger the company means the easier to make an informed decision. The smaller the company literally means adjusting and maximizing the allotted budget.


Knowledge On Management Of Change Process

The fourth factor is what the partners and I know about the process of change management. Truth is I suggested that we hire one that has the best practices using change management software programs since no one is educated well enough about the program and the process.


Budget For Management And Change

The final factor is the budget that the company is willing to allot for hiring a change management consultant and for purchasing a software program for change management. As mentioned above, the amount of money that the company is willing to throw into this suggestion usually depends on how big the company is. I was glad to say that the partners are willing to spend for the betterment of the company.

5 Reasons To Implement A Change Management Policy

Most business owners that I personally know and have talked to are afraid to take chances on a change management policy. Even though the owners are very much aware that the policy is needed for flexibility, they still would not barge in because of the belief that the policy can slow down the change within the company.

The company’s business consultant thinks otherwise. According to him, the effects can be slow in the short run but a policy for change management can be beneficial to the company, the owners and the employees in the long run. The consultant advised that the partners and I try out a change management policy example to see whether it will work for the business.

The consultant mentioned that there are five important reasons why the best practices in change management must be chosen. These beneficial reasons are the following.


Change Management Policy Sample For Continuity Of Service

The policy approach that the partners and I have chosen has helped our business to gain service continuity. The consultant informed us that having a change management software program can help in tracking the important activities in the company. The system can help in the scheduling of work and disseminating information from the board to the employees and vice versa.

This also means that the services that need to be performed within the week will not be delayed since the program aids to prioritize work according to deadlines.


Reduction Of Human Error

The consultant also informed us that having a management and change policy is very helpful in reducing human error especially when technical steps are needed to be detailed. The person who is in charge of implementation can simply use the software application to enumerate every specific detail of the work that has to be carried out within the day.


Management Of Change Policy Increases Change Volume

I have mentioned above that most business owners think that implementation of a policy for change management can slow down the changes in the business. The partners and I have found out that the system actually allows changes to be performed several times and faster. Contrary to other business owner’s belief, I personally think that the important of such policy lies on the fact that several changes can be processed within a time span of one week.


Swift Assessment Of Root Cause

The policy example for change management that was recommended by the business consultant has proven that the presence of the system makes it easier to identify the root cause of the problem.

The change management approach is equipped with historical changes which can be accessed. The changes are compared principally to know if these are related to the new system. Doing this helps in preventing the same thing from happening in the near future.


TT Change Management Policy Improves Communication

The best reason is that an information technology-equipped change management software program can improve communication within the company. This simply means that every person working in the company from the bosses to the employees will be informed about the changes. The simple knowledge about the change can prevent the occurrence of risks and conflicts.

4 Questions For A Change Management Consultant

Selecting and employing a change management consultant who can work with our company is not only going to be a difficult task, the process can also take too much time and effort from the business partners and me.

The business partners and I believe that if we make use of the best approach more time and company fortune can be saved. The selection and hiring procedure if executed properly will surely bring about positive changes not only to the company as a whole but also to our employees.

The presence of several individuals who want to be the company’s consultant for change management was overwhelming. The business partners and I have to ask the applicants four questions to ensure that the right consultant will be chosen during the hiring process.


Who Are You?

Just like hiring for all other jobs in the company, the business partners and I do not merely base our decision on the reputation of the individual or the consulting firm where the person belongs to. We are well aware that every firm has its A and C listers. The partners and I wanted to make sure that we know enough about the firms and the applicants before they are welcomed to our building.

It is always advisable to conduct a background check with the person who is applying for the consultant post. The partners and I always take time to get in touch with the people listed as the applicant’s references. This is to guarantee that the preferred individual has the personality as well as the skills that the position calls for.


What Have You Done?

The second question does not only focus on the applicant’s knowledge about the software program but also on the purpose and function of the program. The partners and I are in search of a professional who has worked in several industries. We are looking for a consultant who has worked in the past with a business similar to ours.

Aside from certification, the partners and I are also concerned about the individual’s successes and failures while working as a consultant for change management. We are also interested with the things that the person has learned from failing. This is important because the partners and I want to make sure that the applicant will not commit the same mistakes with our company.


What Do You Know About Change Order Management?

The third question focuses on the applicant’s knowledge about the change management policy program. The partners and I are more interested in individuals who are geared towards changing the business and not the software program for change management.

The methodology of choosing the right consultant involves knowing whether the applicant has expertise on technical works and business restructuring through change management software.


The fourth question basically involves asking for a plan template that the applicant will employ to implement change in the business. In the last part, the partners and I basically inquire about specific processes and philosophies such as Six Sigma and Kaizen that the applicant is knowledgeable about.

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